Egypt Open Mesh Network #openmesh

About  is a not-for-profit formed under United States and Michigan state law that provides organizational, legal, and financial support for the Open Mesh Project. has been incorporated as a 5013c  not-for-profit to ensure the OpenMeshProject continues to exist beyond the participation of individual volunteers. We will maintain offices with working space, space where Open Source Experts  and wireless engineers can gather, build events for these people to communicate, we will offer innovation around Open Source Mesh network software.  We will be establishing, building, maintaining, and distributing a common Open Source Mesh software/firmware that will allow citizens of the world to commonly communicate without telephone or cable companies.  The raw product will free to download and free of charge.   The technology will be released and maintained as Open Source GPL V2 project.   This means that anyone can use or change the software.  Our job as a community will be to maintain this project.  We will help to build standards.  We will help communities build mesh networks.  We will lobby equipment manufactures to join the Open Mesh Project initiative.  The idea all revolves around wireless technology that will allow us to connect and communicate with each other without telephone lines, cable, or fiber.  We will build private networks that can span countries.  We will empower the citizens of tomorrow.   At the end of the day a grandmother might find this disk on the street, walk into the house, install a CD on her laptop and join the mesh cloud with 2 clicks.  After joining the mesh she starts to see others in her network, clicks to call others in the mesh, joins group calls, or searches for friends online to dial.  We as the community will facilitate the building, offering, and support for this project. We will all build 1 common mesh.    We invite people to participate and to offer new innovations.  Working together we can secure tomorrows communications needs.