Egypt Open Mesh Network #openmesh

Take away the wires and routes and we will still communicate.

On January 25, 2011, when the Egyptian government decided to block the entire Internet, came to life. has tasked itself with developing the best open source technologies, while simultaneously partnering with existing technologies, to create a private, citizen-owned communications infrastructure.  

We will maintain a community around the Open Source Mesh Standard, and drive for solutions to address our future communications needs in this new age of electronic munitions.  Our mandate is to provide a two-click mesh installation on any device, anywhere in the world, to connect citizens irrespective of national boundaries.  
Our purpose is to provide open and free communications to all people at all times.

Our first step

We need information and community-led solutions.  If you have an idea, a technology or a skill that can help achieve its aims then we want to hear from you.

We are particularly looking for wireless firmware experts, coders and companies who develop wireless equipment, both hardware and software.  Ultimately we need the brightest and best engineers in the world to make themselves known.  

Get involved.


skypeJoin our Skype Group Chat:  Looking for engineers, technical writers, Wireless Implementers, programmers with knowledge in forking Wifi Router code, wireless manufactures with software or hardware solutions.  add  garyjaybrooks2000 to skype and I'll add you to a group chat. 


Founders of the

Shervin Pishevar
If we build my  idea then we can solve this problem of governments like Egypt blocking access.


garyjaybrooks Gary Brooks
Join the  community and help Egypt build a open mesh network.