Vikings (2013)

Release Date: 2013-03-03
IMDb Rating: 8.7
The world of the Vikings is brought to life through the journey of Ragnar Lothbrok, the first Viking to emerge from Norse legend and onto the pages of history - a man on the edge of myth....

Midnight, Texas (2017)

Release Date: 2017-07-24
IMDb Rating: 0.0
Midnight is a safe haven for those who are different, but with the presence of outsiders, the residents band together and form a strong and unlikely family....

Insecure (2016)

Release Date: 2016-10-09
IMDb Rating: 7.6
Follows the awkward experiences and racy tribulations of a modern-day African-American woman....

Ballers (2015)

Release Date: 2015-06-21
IMDb Rating: 7.6
A series centered around a group of football players and their families, friends, and handlers....

Declassified: Untold Stories of American Spies (2016)

Release Date: 2016-06-19
IMDb Rating: 7.8
Former CIA agents tell their memories of service....

Doubt (2017)

Release Date: 2017-02-15
IMDb Rating: 5.5
A successful defense lawyer at a boutique firm becomes romantically involved with a client who may or may not be guilty of a brutal crime....

Ozark (2017)

Release Date: 2017-07-01
IMDb Rating: 9.4
A Chicago-based financial advisor secretly relocates his family to the Missouri Ozarks when his dealings with a drug cartel go awry....

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